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About Me

Hi, I’m Nikita. I’m 23. I use she/her pronouns.  I’m learning the French language at uni (so that I’m able to read books in French one day and watch French movies and of course get a job!) and I love reading books and watching movies sometimes..

Here’s my rating system if you guys are interested:

Amazing book! I’ll recommend it to everyone! – 5/5 stars
Really good. I loved it, but there was something lacking. – 4/5 stars
It was kinda okay…not that great. – 3/5 stars
It was meh. Not remarkable at all. And not something I’d ever reread. – 2/5 stars
I either didn’t finish it or hated it. 1/5 stars

Here’s how to contact me:

If you have something to say or ask, e-mail me on prosesandpancakes@gmail.com. If you’re not an e-mail person, drop me a message on Twitter. My handle is @prose_pancakes

Do I accept books from authors and publishers?

As of now, NO. Please do not send me your books right now because I’m only reading my own books or the ones I borrow, and sometimes books I get accepted to read. However,  I accept physical and digital copies of books to review. If you want to send me your book, you should email me with the summary of your book, the page count and the Goodreads page. I do not read fantasy, science-fiction, non-fiction, erotica and chick-lit. 

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