I watched It’s Kind of a Funny Story and here are my thoughts

Hey everyone! I’m Nikita. It’s my first post and my first attempt at blogging. Hope you enjoy it.

So, last night, I was getting bored and I decided to watch a movie. I don’t really like watching movies nowadays other than adaptations. So, I scanned my brain for a list of movies based on the books, and I decided to watch It’s Kind Of A Funny Story. I hadn’t watched it but I’ve already read the book and I had liked it.

So, this blog post is for the movie review of It’s Kind of a Funny Story (based on It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini). The movie stars Kier Gilchrist and Emma Roberts

In this movie, our main character, Craig Gilner suffers from depression. His depression stems from certain things in his life, with which many of us can relate –school, peer pressure, and pressure of not making it into a reputable college. One day when he feels extremely suicidal, he checks himself into a hospital.

The movie is good: I liked the idea, which is educational and funny at the same time.

This movie is about depression but it’s not sad at all, and is really hopeful, and that’s what’s admirable and wonderful. It’s also fun to read. The characters are kind-hearted and silly. Also, we see people from different walks of life. They’ve had their share of struggles and we do connect with them.

I loved the family dynamics in this one: the parents of Craig are quite understanding, especially his mother.

I like Craig, too. He’s a typical American teen, whatever that means, who stresses out so much and wants to be smart and take competitive exams and be good at all that stuff. Life isn’t kind to him.

There were certain things that they changed from the book in the adaptation. In the movie, Craig and Bobby start becoming friends, but their relationship in the book isn’t that deep. Also, certain small things, like Bobby not getting a job, Craig and Bobby going out and playing basketball, they make the movie more believable. I loved the music too!

Well, if you want to watch a movie about mental illness, watch this one. I hope you guys love it! ❤

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