From Twinkle, With Love: A Letter To Twinkle Mehra

Hey guys, I recently read FROM TWINKLE, WITH LOVE by Sandhya Menon and this is what I have to say to Twinkle Mehra from ‘From Twinkle, With Love’.

Dear Twinkle,

I hope you are fine and you loved your time in Mumbai. I hope Dadi, Uncle, Auntie and Oso are fine too.

I got to know your story a few days ago and I’m writing to you as a friend. I’m not gonna beat about the bushes (but I’m not actually sure what my point is).

I read your journal ( sorry I’ve been a bit snoopy lately) and I came to know that you wanted to be a filmmaker. I also wanted to become a filmmaker. Wanted. Past tense. Because I’m not even sure now what I wanna do with my life anymore. Isn’t it funny that I had better vision as a teenager?

I also belong to a family of “filmy” emotional fools. My mother loves watching the sappiest and stupidest Indian soap operas and my grandmother used to try different magic formulas and she would sometimes use a mirror to scry and I’m not even joking. I always wanted to take her to a doctor but… I was young.

My parents were big fans of Dimple Kapadia when they were kids–my dad was a bit more than a fan. I knew he had hots for her, but who didn’t? I don’t even blame him, that woman had (still has) a lot of pizzazz– so, I get that they named you after her daughter, Twinkle Khanna. I’m sure you have seen Dimple, but I’m still attaching her picture.

So, what I wanted to say–sorry I kinda digress a little (a lot?)– that I think our families are kinda similar.

Twinkle, when I was in school, I was also a groundling. I never wanted to be one of the silk feathered hats, though. I know how it feels when someone looks right through you. Sucky isn’t the word that describes that feeling accurately. My vocab fails me sometimes. I wasn’t the most confident girl in my class and I wasn’t even pretty (now I think I am pretty) and the guy I crushed on friend-zoned me even though I hadn’t even asked him out. He was my version of Neil.

But Twinkle, you made the best friends in the process of your filmmaking. You are one lucky gal. I too consider myself lucky, though, because I found three best people on the entire planet who are my friends for the next saat janams (seven lives). But you are luckier than me, girl. You found Sahil. He’s an awesome guy, you know. He is an adorable goofball (I’m just joking, okay?). While reading your journal, I realized I was green with envy because you have Sahil. But, I don’t really hold onto bad feelings/emotions for long.

I like you, Twinkle. I didn’t like your personality when you first started journaling, you know, but you changed yourself for better and I admire people who own up to their mistakes and become better versions of themselves. I was happy that you could finally see things clearly.

I have never seen you, Twinkle. I can only imagine what you look like, but I am a huge fan of Jhanvi Kapoor (okay, I’m a bit jealous that she’s my age and she is famous and I’m not) and I’m assuming you look like her. She is pretty, you know. I’m attaching her picture with Ishaan Khattar (who is Sahil for me) so you could see and tell me (if you intend to write back) if you look like her.

That is all I have to say for now. I wish you all the best and I’m waiting for your reply. Tell Uncle, Auntie and Dadi I said namaste.

From Nikita

With love.

PS: Do you like Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt? Just asking cuz I read blind items religiously and I’d like to tell you something!

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