Book Review: From Twinkle, With Love

Twinkle Mehra has always blended into the background. Even though she has stories to tell, she doesn’t know how. She has always had a crush on Neil Roy, who is someone people look up to and a relationship with him would be a ticket out of her groundling-status. When Sahil, who is Neil’s cute twin brother asks Twinkle to direct a movie at Midsummer Night, Twinkle seizes the opportunity. She has always had a crush on Neil, but while shooting for the movie together, Sahil and Twinkle fall for each other. Twinkle can’t tell Sahil she loves him for the fear of losing a chance to be with Neil, because she is sure that her secret-admirer who regularly signs his e-mails as N is him.

From Twinkle, With Love Book Cover

From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon was a fun read.

My Thoughts

So, there was a time when I was worried that I had lost my ability to express any of my positive emotional states. I didn’t laugh at all and I felt perpetually numb and sad. So, this book was kinda important to me! I was so excited when I had opened the first page. I was sure I was gonna die of excitement and joy.

A cute romance is all I needed.

I didn’t learn anything new from this book, tbh. But that is not imperative.
I haven’t watched any Bollywood movies in years. The last one I watched was…in 2016. So, I guess I needed this book to feel a little… Indian. There were a lot of cute Bollywood-esque scenes in this book.

I loved the cute romance between Twinkle and Sahil, mostly because of Sahil (if you haven’t read the book, let me tell you, he is adorbs). I liked the tension between Maddie and Twinkle and I sobbed because that’s exactly what’s been happening between my bestie and me. I liked that Sandhya Menon’s characters were diverse. But, I totally loved Twinkle’s dadi because she is the best character in the book. I can effuse about her all day long and not get tired. SHE IS AWESOME.

There were a few things that I found hard to believe, though. The story is told through letters (that Twinkle writes to her fave women film-makers in her journal), emails, a blog, and a few text messages exchanged between Sahil and his friends. I could not believe how Twinkle could always carry a journal with her and how she could write in weird places. I did not know how to believe it, but then I chose to believe it as I chose to believe in love. I mean, what else could I do? The book is sometimes unrealistic and I was…incredulous! I did not know how to believe certain stupid things. There were certain times when I was like “are you for real, Twinkle?”

Twinkle wasn’t a very likable character for the best part of the book. She was a stupid, selfish brat who lives in a bubble that needs to be burst, tbh. But, she is hilarious too and I was kinda rolling my eyes at her stupid jokes, Also, I found the whole secret admirer thing really creepy and I couldn’t believe how Twinkle could actually think it was Neil and be excited about it (but yeah, she can and you start believing that as you read her journal). I was like, “BEWARE, HONEY” when he asked to meet up.

Even though I couldn’t stand her for the most part of the book, she changes in the end and owns up to her mistakes and becomes a much better character.

Also, I think the filmmaking part was underdone. I wish we could know how the film was actually shot because filmmaking takes a major part of the novel.

I also wish I could know a little more about Sahil’s life and maybe there was some scope too and I was liking him as a character.

My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

So, this book was equal parts cute, funny and heartwarming. I realized that I was facepalming and eye-rolling a lot more than I usually do and I think it’s a good thing. I am super satisfied with the book, even though it could have been a lot better. I think I read it at the right time. If you want to read an adorable love story, you can pick this one. It can easily qualify as my new guilty pleasure!

That’s all for now. I hope y’all have a good day.

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