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Books I’m Super Excited To Read This Month

Hey guys, I’m gonna talk about the books I am excited to read this month in this post. And it is not this month’s TBR, because I’m infamous for starting new things (books) and never finishing them! So, this month I’m excited to read these books and I really hope I finish reading them.


The Vanishing Stair

Even though I really believe this year’s gonna be the year of so many heartwarming and cute love stories (just for me) but I started it with a mystery and I’m still reading mysteries. The library is not a wish-granting factory. Or so John Green says.

I’m reading this book because I recently read Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson and it was interesting and intriguing. I liked the first novel and I purchased the second one, even though I hate the color red, so, you know, it means something. I’m twenty-six percent into the book right now and I wanna finish reading it by Tuesday. Let’s see how that goes since I can’t really read more than two pages at a time these days. I wonder if something’s broken in my brain.


When Dimple Met Rishi

If someone asks me why I’m gonna read this book, I’d probably say the beautiful cover (or the beautiful girl on the cover). But, that’s only half true. I’m reading this book because I’m really not sure if Dimple and Rishi have ever even met and I wanna find out if that’s true. Haha. Just kidding. I’m a sucker for romances and I liked From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon so I’m excited to read this one, and now seems to be the perfect time to pick this book, because a companion novel and a short story sequel are on the way!!!!! Did I scream loud enough? Also, did I say I was gonna download all the songs from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and breakdance to them like crazy? That crazy part of my brain agrees that it’s gonna be a helluva playlist!


The Love And Lies Of Rukhsana Ali

It’s gonna be one of the most expensive books I purchase this year. But, I hope it’s worth it! Because why wouldn’t I read about a queer Muslim girl with a girlfriend named ARIANA and a super conservative family? Also, did you notice that the book title is in lowercase letters?


As Kismet Would Have It

Hmm, so it’s technically not coming out this month but I’m so fucking excited to read it! Yeah, I know, When Dimple Met Rishi first!


The Music Of What Happens

LGBT. Enough said. I’m not sure how and when I’m gonna get it, but I want to be happy before I buy it because I’m expecting a deluge of emotions from this book!

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