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Books That Made Me A Reader

Hey guys, in this post I’m gonna talk about the first few books I had read, and how they made me an avid reader.

So, the first book I’d read was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, and it was right before the movie had come out. It was the first ever book I had purchased from the market and I’d totally fallen in love with it. And I was like, “this one is my An Imperial Affliction. This author seems to understand my thoughts.”

It was the first time I’d busted a gut and bawled my eyes out while reading a book, and I really wanted to revisit the experience…. again and again. To say that I’d fallen in love with Gus Waters is an understatement. I had spent nights and days thinking about the book.

Image result for the fault in our stars book
The Fault in Our Stars

I was in love with The Fault in Our Stars, so much so that I read it about a dozen times. I always used to keep the book in my bag. I was that impressed. I didn’t tell anyone about it, because I didn’t want people to judge me for it or something. I wanted people to like it as much as I did…so I guess I was pretty crazy back then. In retrospect, that book was really important in making me a reader.

I wanted to read John Green’s other books, so I went to the book fair with my best friend, who is not big on reading, and purchased my next good read, Looking for Alaska.

Image result for looking for alaska
Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska is one of my favorite John Green books, and I have read it twice. But I sometimes pick it up and read my favorite parts. I’m planning to read it again this month.

I think that’s why I’m still a John Green fan. Even though I’ve read other books that are equally good or better than his, John Green is the writer who made me fall in love with books. And his books are totally amazing.

Another author who made me fall in love with books was Stephenie Meyer. I read the Twilight series, and I was super fucking happy.

The Twilight Saga

It was the first fantasy series I had read (and the only one till date), and I’d found it interesting. Well, now I don’t really like it as much as I did back then, because, well, I was pretty crazy and weird.

These were the six books that made me think that books could be interesting and I needed to read more. Since then, I’ve read about eighty books, and my progress has been extremely satisfactory so far.

If you want to know about the books I’ve read, find me on Goodreads.

Did you like this post? Share your thoughts in the comments. Also, I’d love to know about your first book, and the books that made you an avid reader.

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