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November 2019 Wrap Up

Was this month super long? Because I think I posted the November TBR before the K-PG extinction, and it’s almost 2020 now! So yeah, literally a million years ago. After reading three books in October because of a debilitating reading slump, I had a pretty good November. To be honest, being a mood reader sucks…so, I’m again confused about what book to read next, because I don’t think I have a book to match my mood. Anyway, let’s talk about what I read in the month of November.


I started reading this book on the day of Halloween because I love sparkly bloodsuckers, and well, maybe it was something to do with my mood. So, I enjoyed the reread of one of my favorite series (I mean, I only read the first book but still…)

Radio Silence

This has to be my favorite book of the month– it was super relatable. I don’t believe I’m the same person who loved Twilight, because I absolutely adored Radio Silence and these two books are SO DIFFERENT, and I still have so many feelings. How good would the world have been if it was created by Alice Oseman!


Ah, the precious love story set in a pumpkin patch. It made me crave a snack or two, though! I really loved reading Pumpkinheads. It was cute and lovely and I loved the art. Definitely worth the money and time!

The Opposite of Falling Apart

It was a beautiful love story of two people struggling with anxiety disorders. It’s interesting, relatable and has great mental health and physical illness rep. However, I did think it got a little repetitive in the middle and could’ve been shorter.

Technically, You Started It

Ah, another adorable read full of cute moments and lovable characters and… text messages! It’s about a girl who ends up being good friends with the guy who she’s texting with, but he’s not who she thinks he is! The book is told through text messages. I need some more romance right now.

I Wish You All The Best

I wish I had loved it more, but it was pretty important and worth the read! It’s a story of an enby teen who’s kicked out of their house by their parents when they come out. It was pretty painful to read. It did end up on my list of the most important books.

Milk and Honey

It’s a poetry book about feminism, domestic abuse, sexual assault, and other important issues. I did enjoy it, but it wasn’t the best poetry book I read. It has made me consider reading more poetry, though!

So, that’s about it guys! What did you do this month? Let’s talk in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “November 2019 Wrap Up

  1. Awesome month!! I am glad you enjoyed your reads! They all sound super fun and interesting- may have to add all of these to my TBR! (other than twilight which I read years ago :’) ) Wonderful post!! Definitely an amazing reading month-congrats. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, hun!! 💕💕 Yeah, most of them were super fun and amazing! 😍 Hahaha, I’m glad you liked them. Thank you! 🤗❤


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