Book Review: Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

My Rating: 🌟

Book Description

Just after midnight, a snowdrift stops the Orient Express in its tracks. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by the morning it is one passenger fewer. An American tycoon lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside.
Isolated and with a killer in their midst, detective Hercule Poirot must identify the murderer—in case he or she decides to strike again.

My Thoughts

Everyone, literally everyone, encouraged me to read this book by Agatha Christie. I’ve heard people say that she’s genius and so is Hercule Poirot. I’ve heard so much about the mystery and how almost no one is ever able to guess it? So, I thought, it was going to be interesting and mind-blowing. After all Agatha Christie is a big name! Guess what? This is one of the worst mysteries I’ve ever read. And here are the reasons.

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It was super slow and very boring. I think it could’ve been a short story instead? Or nothing at all. I was yawning the whole time while reading it. For a minute I wondered if I was missing the whole point of this book, because what if it was meant to be…like this? I can’t believe how someone would find this interesting and mind-blowing. I only finished it because my brother had told me it would get interesting later on, and it didn’t.

I disliked the detective. I guess Christie doesn’t like him either? But there were so many things about him that rubbed me up the wrong way! My reasons for not liking him include his methods of deduction, which include judging people instead of observing them, assuming things based on stereotypes, being a sexist and racist asshole (should I forgive it because this book was released eighty years ago? I don’t want to). It didn’t sit well with me. Also, was he serious when he denied help to someone who was worried he could be killed just because he didn’t like his face? I’m not even kidding, y’all. This book was a joke.

I guessed the killer(s). I need my medal now. I guessed the killer(s) very early on? But I really started believing I was right when only about fifty pages were left of the book. Aren’t I smart? Or maybe it was super easy to guess. I always suspect everyone.

There are more things that I didn’t like about this book but I don’t know how to talk about them. I don’t know when I’ll read my next Agatha Christie book. It’s not happening anytime soon, even though I think I will read it.

Have you read this book? Did you like it? Which Agatha Christie book should I read next if I didn’t like this one? Let’s talk in the comments section!

37 thoughts on “Book Review: Murder on the Orient Express

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  2. It’s alright if you didn’t like it. I’ve heard many say that this book turned out to be a disappointment. I guess it’s mainly because of the way she writes doesn’t apply to our modern audiences. Great post!

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    1. Thank you, Carl. I’ll definitely read Miss Marple books. And Then There Were None sounds good too! And I already have a copy of it, so I guess I’ll read that next.


  3. I am a great fan of Agatha Christie – I am totally in love with most of her books but I have to agree with you on this one. Most of the people I know tell me that this was one of her greatest mysteries but I could never understand why.
    I think you should really read more from her: I think literary all of her books are better than the Murder on the Orient Express.

    I would personally recommend you to read:
    Ten Little Soldiers
    Crooked House
    After the funeral
    Endless Night

    I am sure you will like them 🙂



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    1. I’m gutted that I didn’t enjoy this one, Mark. Thank you! I will definitely pick some of these up! I read the description of Crooked House and I really liked it.

      I’m also planning to read And Then There Were None because I’ve heard so many great things. Have you read that one? I hope I enjoy it too.


      1. Yes! Crooked House is my personal favorite – it is pretty dark 🙂

        I loved “And Then There Were None” – that is the one I called “Ten Little Soldiers” in my previous comment: guess it was published under a different title in my country haha 🙂
        It is an amazing book and it is very unique 🙂

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        1. That’s great! I am definitely going to read both of them.
          I’ll probably read Ten Little Soldiers/ And Then There Were None in the next few days. I hope I love this one.

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  4. I’m a big Agatha Christie fan( big part of my childhood) but I can totally see that her books are not for everyone. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and would recommend for you to check out “Then there were none” it’s literally mind-blowing (at least in mine humble opinion) 💕Great post

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  5. Oof. I saw the movie and I felt so lukewarm about it. It was such an interesting twist, but the journey left so much more to be desired.

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  6. I have read this one, and I enjoyed it. However, I totally get why you didn’t like it! This is the very first Agatha Christie mysteries that I “solved” before the end. I would recommend you try some of her books that don’t have established detectives. Some of my favorites are Death Comes as the End, Endless Night, and And Then There Were None.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I’ll definitely check out some of these out because they sound interesting. I’m interested in reading And Then There Were None right now and I think I’ll pick it up soon?

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  7. I’ve only read one Agatha Christie but have meant to read more. I suppose her plots are probably easier to guess now that so many mysteries after them have been inspired by her work too…just a guess. 😉 Sorry that this one wasn’t your thing at all! Hope you enjoy your next read better.

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    1. I guess it could be one of the reasons. I do want to read more by her and I think I probably will, soon. I hope you get to read more of her books, though. Thank you! 💖

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  8. “Which Agatha Christie book should I read next if I didn’t like this one?” i have no suggestion since i found to be just as you described, BOR-RING! slowwwww…couldn’t hack it. and sorry to say, i didn’t try another after that. i did, however, find your post very entertaining.

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  9. I feel you! I started reading Agatha Christie on my friend’s recommendation and the first book I read was “And Then There Were None”. I found that book simply mind blowing!!! (And it has no detective) After reading that, I moved on to read Murder on the Orient Express and it felt dull and flat!

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    1. I’m glad you liked And Then There Were None, Apurva! I hope I enjoy it too. Aw, I’m sorry you didn’t like Murder on the Orient Express either. It was definitely a bummer. Ugh, that book angered me so much :\

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  10. Being a diehard suspense genre fan & a huge fan of AC , I am flabbergasted but I get it that every one has their own preferences when it comes to reading . . . Maybe you can pick up Mary Higgins Clark – every premise is a new one ( no deja vu ) & she keeps it taut ( 240 pages or something ) . . .


  11. I agree that Poirot is not a particularly like-able character! I much prefer the Ms. Marple mysteries. Ms. Marple never judges; she just observes and draws conclusions from the facts. However, I did like this book because it had an interesting and unexpected plot and ending.

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    1. I’m glad you liked this book, Gracie. Almost everybody I’ve talked to has loved it too lol 😂 I will read some Miss Marple mysteries as well. I’m glad to know that she’s a better character, and I hope I enjoy her stories better than the Poirot ones.

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    1. Ah, I totally get what you’re saying. I kinda felt the same way about the writing and that’s a bummer :((

      I’m gonna check it out right away!


  12. Wow! This is the first time I’ve heard of something ‘negative’ about Agatha Christie’s work. I guess, they’re not as grand as most people deem them to be? I’m still willing to try her out though. Just not this book, probably.

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