How I’m “surviving” the lockdown

Hi, I don’t know if anybody missed me but I missed everyone. I’m not back, I’m just kinda back… only for one day maybe. I’m fine. I’m healthy. I’m gaining a lot of weight. I’m not exercising and I’m eating way too much buttery popcorn and pasta because I’m lazy. I hope you’re doing okay too and not worrying too much? We’re in this together. Let’s just be kind, compassionate and patient. So, now that I’ve unloaded all of my problems here, let’s move forward.

I just wanted to tell y’all what I’ve been up to. In the month of March, I had an essay contest and a quiz, and they were canceled. My classes were canceled too because the number of COVID-19 cases was increasing. My exams have also been postponed and I’m not sure when I actually have them.

So, I decided to share with you guys whatever I’ve been doing. Here’s how I am surviving this lockdown:

Books. Seriously, they’re my best friends. I have been trying to read them and it’s really amazing to read books when you feel that the world is going to end (don’t worry, you don’t have to break it to me… I’ve actually read a lot about viruses and plagues that killed humans and our species are still surviving, but it’s still weird to think there’s a future lol).

And guess what, I tried to read the backlist ones that I already owned but couldn’t get around to — I threw one of them out because it was literally the worst lol. I’m not gonna post all reviews, but I will do a wrap up for March and April with my thoughts and my ratings. Did I learn anything new from the books? Hell no. I’m just reading books that comfort me and it’s okay. Oh, I did realize that I actually kinda like non-fiction.

Classes. I wish we didn’t have them because our teacher constantly keeps asking us to show our faces and I keep smiling because I’m nervous and socially anxious and have no idea how to keep it together during an online class. I’m a lost cause.

So, classes have been taking up a lot of my time. Right after waking up, I have to attend my lectures on Zoom. It’s actually better than my regular classes because I hate the commute as it sucks up all of my energy and I have no time to study on my own, and it also made me realize that I would like to get my master’s online, if possible. I will probably get better at handling my nervousness? I don’t know if it works that way.

Movies. I haven’t watched a lot of them because I don’t have my Netflix subscription anymore, so I’m basically just watching YouTube and my favorite Disney shows lol, especially the ones that used to air back when I was still a fetus… they are so cringe-worthy yet so wholesome. I can’t even. I just want to keep gushing about them and relive those years lol.

HEY, GOOD NEWS! Actually, amazing news: my favorite webcomic, Humor Me, is going to be available as a graphic novel and I am super super excited. When I read the news I was over the moon, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I have also been wanting to reread it — I’m gonna do it right now actually. It’s just gonna be so amazing, and since it’s my favorite I’m gonna tell y’all to read it because it has one of the superior tropes — girl-disguises-as-a-guy-in-high-school — and it’s the most incredible thing that I’ve read. It’s available on Tapas and Webtoon and you should definitely read it, and if you love it, support the creator by buying the book for yourself and your friends whenever it comes out. Here’s their Instagram post that shows the beautiful copies — don’t these look super adorable? Click here to read my review of it.

So, that’s all for now, guys! Wish me luck for my exams again and I hope to be back soon. If my exams are deferred again, I’ll probably be back before them lol. Oh, and thank you to everyone who liked my posts, followed me (I’ll follow you back soon if I haven’t already so that I can read your amazing posts), and commented on them. You guys make me super happy. πŸ’–

So, what are you guys doing these days? What did you read and watch? If you are still working, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep yourself safe.

23 thoughts on “How I’m “surviving” the lockdown

  1. It’s been a rough month. I’ve been reading and watching lots of TV as well. I hate being cooped up and even work from home right now.

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  2. I missed you here Nikita!! You should stop by more often πŸ™‚ I think one way or the other, we’re all fighting our inner battles with this lockdown/stay at home/social distancing way of life. But we’ve got to keep giving each other hope that this shall pass too πŸ™‚

    Books are saving me too..I’ve given up all my TBRs in favor of reading only feel good fantasy or romance books, and like you said, its OK. I’m happy and my soul feels a little bit better πŸ™‚

    All the best for your exams too! Sending you hugs and sunshine πŸ™‚

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    1. Ah, I missed you too a lot, Prachi, and I missed your wonderful posts! 😍😭 I also missed blogging a lot and I can’t wait to be back.

      Books are really a savior. I’m glad you’re reading books that comfort you during this hard time — it’s been so difficult to find comfort. I’m reading the ones I already owned and never picked up before because I felt “guilty” (and also revisiting the old favorites), and I’m so glad because most of them are YA and romance, and reading these genres brings me a lot of joy.

      Thank you, Prachi! Sending you hugs and lots of love! πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  3. It’s good to hear from you again, Nikita!

    The lockdown sure is exhausting but I’m managing so far. I’m skipping from one audiobook to another and even squeezed in some graphic novels but I mostly nap lol. I picked up really fluffy TV series though and it keeps me going — it’s called 2gether the series and you can watch it on youtube every Friday! It’s Thai BL series about the music club, football, cheerleading, and fake-dating! I highly recommend! ❀

    The classes in this situation sound like such a chore! Sending you good vibes to deal with those. Hope you're dealing well with everything! πŸ™‚

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    1. I missed you, E.!

      I’m glad you’re managing and reading books. I’m sleeping a lot more than before and have completely ruined my sleep schedule lol.

      I just watched the first episode of 2gether on YouTube and it looks so great. I’m gonna watch all of the episodes that are out right now because it looks so amazing.

      Ah, thank you. They really feel like a chore. I actually had my last day of classes today, so I’m kinda glad lol, but thank you. πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  4. Nice to see you checking in! Glad to see you’re doing well and getting some reading in. I feel you on the getting fat thing–I’ve been eating a lot more since being home. Going to have to do some work when we can go out and about again. Take care!

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    1. I hope you’re doing okay during this hard time πŸ’–

      I’m eating a lot too. I’m gonna have to work out as well — I don’t even get up from my bed these days lol but I’m planning to exercise a little every day now as all of my classes are over.

      You too! πŸ’– *sending hugs*

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    1. It really does seem as though we’re living in a dystopian novel. I hope you’re doing okay. I’m super glad to have my books and my favorite TV shows during this hard time. I hope it all ends soon, though.

      Ah, thank you so much for the nomination, Cassie. It really means a lot. You’re wonderful πŸ’– I hope April is a good month for you as well.


    1. OMG, thank you so much, Jyotsna! I’m so honored and I’m definitely looking forward to do the tag! β€πŸ˜‡ I’m so sorry it took me this long to reply :\

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