Book Reviews: City of Bones | Tell Me Three Things

Hey y’all, since I haven’t been here much in the last few months and I’ve read quite a few interesting books, I have decided to share my thoughts about them in these posts. ❀

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (🌟🌟🌟)

Oh my god, I have put off talking about this book for so long just because I didn’t know what to say about it, but I needed to.

This book is the story of Clary who lives with her mom and uncle, Luke. Her mother is attacked one day by some monster kinda thingy and Clary goes into hiding with a dude named Jace (and his friends), who is a Shadowhunter, and realizes how many lies she’s been fed since her childhood about herself and her family.

So, this book is garbage. It was a disaster, but boy did I enjoy it. Does that mean that I’ll be reading the next few books in the series? No, I pass. Thank you very much. This book seemed to be all over the place – aside from some stupid characters that do stupid things (yes, I’m aware they are teenagers but a 3-year-old is smarter than these teenagers – I mean, who leaves with a weird-ass stalker-ish stranger and throws their phone away while their mom is in danger and probably dying? Not to mention the fact that this character doesn’t ask about their mom until after a long time) and say stupid things, we do have quite a few weird-ass clichΓ© lines and quotes along the lines of “Clary let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, ” plain and boring characters – *cough* Jace, Clary and Simon *cough* – and moments where you want to roll your eyes so bad that mine got stuck in my head (I’ll shut up now). Also, spoiler alert, INCEST?? I mean, I don’t care much about incest, but man, this was horrible with a capital H in this book lol. At the same time, I really did enjoy this garbage book because I’m trash and it was pretty adventurous and interesting–you may judge me if you want to — and wanted to keep reading it (but I also wanted to stop reading it at the same time, do you get it?). This book also has some pedo and child abuse thing going on as far as I remember. Do I recommend it? Um… lemme think.

Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum (🌟🌟🌟)

I have been in the mood to read YA romance lately, and I have read quite a few in the last few months, and this is one of them.

This book is the story of a girl who is grieving after her mom’s death. Her father remarries a woman and soon they start living with her father’s new wife and her son in the new city. Of course, she has to deal with the new jerk-like schoolmates while dealing with grief and memories of her old home and friends and of course, her mom. A stranger from her new school starts texting her and soon they start to fall in love.

Even though I do not remember much about this book, I do remember that it was quite easy to read, and the characters in this book were very relatable. However, I do think it could have had a little more in it. Something was definitely missing cuz the plot seemed promising but the book wasn’t as great? Some awkward teenage things happen in this book with our flawed, lonely, and insecure main character, which make it all the more real. She’s dealing with body image issues, insecurity, grief, loneliness, bullying, typical teenage problems, lack of acceptance, etc. This is a story of how everything sort of falls apart in the life of this teenager and things eventually come along. I enjoyed reading the romance in this book – it was probably a tiny part of it.

A trigger warning for death, grief, homophobia, addiction, overdose, body image issues, bullying, etc.

Should you read it? I think yes. If you love reading YA contemporary, it’s a pretty solid one.

So, that’s all for today guys! I’ll be back with another similar post in some time. Do tell me what your thoughts are about these books.

Have you read these books? Let’s talk about them!

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