What I’m Reading This Week

Hi, y’all! It’s been a long time since I last posted and I want to post more because being away from my blog doesn’t feel right to me somehow. I used to post my plans for the week about a year ago, and I thought I may as well start that again, so today, I’m gonna talk about what my plans are for this week and what I’m reading! So, let’s go!

The Secret Girl by C.M. Stunich

This book follows a girl named Charlotte whose father gets a new job in a new state and she is sent to an all-boys academy disguising as a guy called Charlie (aka Chuck) where she finds out the mysteries unknown to her while dealing with bullies and trying to fit in as a boy. So far it’s interesting, although I’m not quite on board with a lot of things that are going down.

Fluidum by GirlsOnFilm

This is a comic on Webtoon, an app I’ve come to adore! Whenever I want to read something light, I end up pulling up this app. Anyway, this comic follows Jesse who’s born in the Fluidum universe where a citizen spends their first 20 years shifting between the male and the female body, and on their 21st birthday they have to choose one for the rest of their life. Our main character Jesse doesn’t know which body they want to choose, or if they actually want to choose one body. I really, really love the premise of this comic and I’m loving it so far.

La Grasse Matinée by Jacques Prévert

I don’t know if you guessed it, but it’s actually for school. It’s actually a poem by a French writer called Jacques Prévert and hopefully I’ll be able to finish reading and analysing it by the end of this week.

What are you guys reading this week? What are your plans for the week? Let’s talk about them!

4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading This Week

    1. Thank you. This week has been good so far reading-wise! I hope you’re having a good week too.

      Ah, I had deleted the Webtoon app for a while so I’m catching up on my favourites. And I’m super, super glad that this one – Fluidum -seems to be great interesting so far!

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