Songs I’m Loving These Days!

Hey y’all, how are you guys? I haven’t posted in a minute because my classes just began and this year is a bit challenging – studying online and all that. Today, I wanted to talk to y’all about some of the songs I’m listening to these days. I barely ever talk about music but none of my posts is ready, and I really wanted to have a blog post up today. So, here we are today with a post in which I talk about some songs that I’m listening to and loving at the moment. You can click on the pictures that I’ve linked to YouTube and listen to them as well. Hope you enjoy them!

Hello by Chen

It’s K-pop, and I barely ever listen to K-pop. The only groups I listen to are EXO and Blackpink and I have to admit, they have some cool songs and I always want to kinda dance whenever their music is on. And then one day, I was in the mood to listen to a song by EXO called Monster, and I played it… And soon, a ballad starting playing in my ears, and I was SO mesmerized by it, I kept replaying it so many times and I listen to it now every time. And of course, it was Hello by Chen! It sort of makes me feel so many things at the same time that I don’t know how to put into words. So, you should totally listen to this magical thing as well.

IDGAF by Dua Lipa

I used to think that I would never like Dua Lipa’s music. I’m not sure why… it’s probably because I’m always reluctant to listen to popular artists at first and the way I saw it, she kind of became an overnight superstar, which I know is a stupid thing to say and there’s a lot of talent and hard work involved. Anyways, and then I listened to New Rules by her and changed my mind in just one moment. One day, mistakenly, I listened to a live cover of IDGAF with Zara Larsson, Charlie XCX, and others, and damn, I fell in love with IDGAF too. It was so catchy and within hours I had learned the entire song and was singing it! Nowadays I just listen to it whenever I’m feeling sad or need to listen to something upbeat. It’s one of my favorite songs these days and you should listen to it too!

How Can I Tell Her by Lobo

My brother discovered Lobo when the actor Lili Reinhart put an Instagram story of his song “I’d Love You To Want Me” and we have been listening to him ever since. I love that song of his – it’s incredible. It brings me so much joy and makes me feel nostalgic. And then I found “How Can I Tell Her” earlier this year, I think, and I thought it was a beautiful song about love and commitment. I had never really focused on the lyrics, and then one day, I did and it changed everything for me. This song is about infidelity, but it’s so beautiful and sincere and deep. I would urge you to listen to it goo!

Youth by Glass Animals

I found this song on Spotify one day. I was probably listening to the music recommendations by Valspire Family, which is a YouTube channel I watch frequently. It’s one of my favorite songs these days and it’s so beautiful. At first, I didn’t know what it was about, but then I focused on the lyrics and it just carved a spot for itself in my heart. Such a beautiful song, sung by a father to a child. I would totally recommend that you listen to it.

So, what are the songs that you’re listening to these days? Tell me about them in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Songs I’m Loving These Days!

  1. Oh my gosh I’m listening to ‘Hello’ by CHEN right now and it’s SO beautiful, the build-up to the chorus actually gives me chills! Thanks so much for recommending it!

    I’ve only recently got into K-pop mainly because I stumbled across a BST performance that completely floored me…and now my song history is just BTS on repeat with the odd other K-pop artist (I really love ‘eight’ by IU and SUGA) 😂 I’ve recently been listening to a song by two of its members called ‘4 O’Clock’, it helps me wind down before I sleep (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fjm_lwn0AEc)

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    1. I just read your comment – OMG it’s months old 😭- and I’m so glad you loved Hello by Chen! I still listen to it and it’s just such a beautiful song. I’ve started watching the videos of BTS on YouTube and I love them so much… They’re so beautiful! 😍 I have listened to Eight and I love it too!!! 😭 And thank you for recommending 4 o’clock! I’ll just check it out right away🧡

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      1. ‘Hello’ still gives me chills when it comes on in my K-pop playlist! I’m so glad you enjoyed eight, and of course the BTS love too! I love watching BTS and their music because it’s both entertaining and inspires me to be a better person and also motivates me to go after my goals hahaha. Hope you’ll like 4 o’clock too!


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