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Book Tag: The Joy of Christmas

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing weekend. There’s only a little time left before Christmas, so I decided to do a Christmas tag, which I saw at Elli’s blog (Ace Reader) — you need to follow their blog if you don’t already, btw! It has amazing bookish content and it’s just so fantastic!! This tag was created by Samantha @ Sam’s Nonsense. Check out their YouTube channel too! Anyway, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Anticipation: The Christmas excitement is real. What books are you most anticipating?

So, I’m not really anticipating any book this year. All of my anticipated releases have already released, and I’m not even planning to read them now lol. But I’m waiting for a lot of books to come out, and they’re gonna release early next year. Here are two of my most anticipated releases:

The Hand on the Wall by Maureen Johnson

One of Us Is Next by Karen M. McManus

And the Christmassy colors are unintentional, by the way!

2. Christmas Songs and Carols: What book or author can you not help but sing its praises?

It’s very simple! It’s Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston for me. I don’t know what this book did to me! And I know that I always wax rhapsodic about it whenever I get a chance and it’s probably annoying, but I can’t help it. I just love it so much. It’s so gorgeous.

3. Gingerbread Houses: What book or series has a wonderful world-building?

I don’t really think I have an answer right now, but I hope to, soon! I’ll maybe have an answer one year from now?? Probably! Let’s see.

4. A Christmas Carol: A favorite classic or one that you want to read

I really enjoy Pride & Prejudice, and I love the idea of reading it during Christmas. I’ve already read the book more than twice (well, the first one was for school, and then I revised it, and then I did read it for myself) and I watched the movie starring Keira Knightly and other desi adaptations. So, I guess it’s Pride & Prejudice.

A classic that I haven’t read but really want to read is Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. I’ve seen so many movie adaptations like everyone else but I haven’t read the original play. I read the Twelfth Night by Shakespeare, didn’t really enjoy it much but loved the idea of a girl disguising as a boy (recommendations please!!!) and decided to read more of his works. I haven’t read any yet, but I’d love to read Romeo & Juliet. It kinda feels Christmassy to me lol. But it’s a tragedy, and I don’t want to read it this Christmas.

5. Christmas sweets: What book would you like to receive for Christmas?

I’d love to receive all of the Harry Potter books, and probably all of the movies lol. I’ve decided to start reading fantasy, and reading the whole Harry Potter series is my plan for 2020. I really hope to be able to finish it. I’d actually started reading it a long time ago, but I just couldn’t accept the world at that time, and now I think I can.

6. Candles in the Window: What book gives you a warm fuzzy feeling?

It is Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. Seriously, this book makes me okay. I don’t know why, but it really makes me feel better and gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling. It’s just so good! It makes me think of warm cookies and hot chocolate and sunshine on my face on a cold winter day, if you know what I mean. I love it so much. It’s just so good. I want to hug it and always be in love with it.

7. Christmas Trees and Decorations: What are some of your favorite book covers?

There are literally so many of them, and the question asks you to pick as many as you can? But I’ll only choose one cover and it’s my current favorite, and I’m anticipating this book. Just look it at! Isn’t it beautiful?

8. Christmas Joy: What are some of your favorite things about Christmas and/or some of your favorite Christmas memories?

My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, even though I want to! So, I don’t have a Christmas memory with my family. However, we always celebrated it in our school, so I’ve always spent that time with my school buddies and friends and had a lot of fun. My favorite Christmas memory is from 2016, when I had to act in a play and sing Christmas songs — wipes tears –and I’m not really a horrible singer, but I can’t act for shit. AND I HAD TO. It was pretty fun, though. Now I’m missing my friends from University! So, yeah, it is the most beautiful Christmas memory I have.

So, that’s all for today! I’m gonna be a little lazy today and tag all of you to do this one, because it’s so much fun!

What are YOUR favorite Christmas memories? How do YOU celebrate Christmas? Let’s talk in the comments!

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    1. No, I haven’t yet. But I have it on my to-watch list!! It really sounds amazing. A friend of mine had told me about it, and after your recommendation, I really think I’d watch it soon. Can’t wait to love it.


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