#EndingBigBookFear – Why I’m Afraid Of Big Books And What I’m Gonna Do About It

Hey, y’all, today, I have a confession to make: I’m afraid of big books. Like, very afraid. So much so that I do not pick them up.

Three days ago, my favorite YouTuber, Ariel Bissett uploaded a video in which she talked about her fear of reading big books and what she’s gonna do about it in 2020. In fact, she decided to read six tomes that she’s been afraid to pick up and created the hashtag #endingbigbookfear on Instagram for people to join her in ending their fear. I’m gonna link her video in the post so you can watch it and see if you wanna read big books with her. I had actually been wanting to talk about my fear of reading massive books for a while and I’ve been extremely lazy, so I didn’t pen down this post until now. But I guess now is the time!

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I do not review “big” books on my blog because I do not read them. So, let’s talk about what’s a “big book” for me.

I’m not sure how many of you have read IT by Stephen King, but I’m guessing most of us would think it’s a pretty big one. Books over 1000 pages are big. However, for me, books over 350 pages are kinda-big if they are not easy to read. I’m the person who sometimes gets intimidated by a two-hundred-page book, but I know that I read so many books that are over 350 and 400 pages, but I’m sometimes worried I won’t enjoy them or I’ll stop reading them halfway. So, most of my reads that are longer than 350 pages belong to the genres I love, which does not *usually* include fantasy or dystopia or sci-fi or speculative fiction. I do (want to) read these genres, but most of these books that I see going around on WordPress are pretty massive, and I always chicken out before I can buy or borrow a copy.

So, for me, a big book is over 350-400 pages. I almost never pick up a book that’s more than 500 pages anymore. And I don’t think I’ve ever read any that are 800 or 900 pages. So much as thinking about reading them is hard and off-putting. I mean, I’m always like, take them away from me.

So, I looked for the books I’ve reviewed in the last few months to see how many of these books were over 400 pages and what genres they belonged to, and I found something very interesting.

In the year 2019, the biggest book I had read had 582 pages…so, almost 600. It was After by Anna Todd. It was simple and interesting, to be honest, and I was able to finish it in 3 days even though I wanted to throw it off after some time as it became torturous. It made me so angry! My shortest book had 60(ish) pages, and it was Dear Ijeawele by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. An amazing, amazing book. Pick it up y’all.

In the year 2018, the biggest book that I had read had 756 pages. It was Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. My shortest book was Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, which had 202 pages. A powerful one.

Also, a thing worth noticing is, I had read 0 graphic novels, 0 poetry books, 0 novellas, and 0 short stories in 2018. I did read quite a few graphic novels and short stories in 2019 though. I hadn’t gotten introduced to graphic novels and poetry yet, and I didn’t really feel like reading them anyway because I was just reading for myself, and not to eventually write and post a review of the book.

So, what I’m trying to say is, I used to read some giant books in 2018 and I didn’t entirely stop reading them in 2019…I guess I just reduced the number of big books I was reading and increased the number of books I was reading, but it’s not really important right now.

As you’ve already figured by now, I wasn’t always afraid to read big books.

I know that a lot of you love reading big books and aren’t afraid of reading them. I know that some of you feel blessed to have a book big enough to satisfy you. I can actually relate to that.

When I had finished reading Twilight for the first time, I was really excited to read New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I devoured these books in only a few days. I went to Wattpad and read the fanfics. I watched the movies. I reread the books. So, you guys know how obsessed I was. And they were all big books.

In fact, I used to be super crazy about romance duologies and trilogies and I used to buy all of the books at once instead of going to the bookstore or Amazon to buy the rest after finishing the first one.

So, I wasn’t always scared of big books. In fact, I was excited to read them and spend time reading them.

Then why am I afraid of reading them now? I guess it has to do something with it:

I do not read every book that I’m comfortable with. I read out of my comfort zone now. I read genres I do not find easy to read and books I do not find compelling enough. So…

I feel that I’d get bored while reading a book in a genre I’m not naturally inclined towards. So, I do not pick them up. However, if a book is small, I feel like giving it a shot.

I feel the pressure to finish reading a book in less than ten days because I write reviews for them on my blog. So, when I’m reading a massive book, I pick up a graphic novel with it even if I’m not interested in it. Actually, I’ve realized that I pick up poetry, graphic novels, and novellas just because I need content to review on my blog. And that’s why I almost never pick up a big book because I’ll need to read something else along with it, and I do not want to do that!

✨ I worry that I’ll stop halfway and that I’ll worry about the page numbers. My attention doesn’t last very long. So, I never give them a try because it will be very stressful.

✨ I’m a sucker for new stories and I love watching movies, so I want to know a story but I’m so worried about not being able to finish an 800-page book that I instead watch the movie if there’s one. So, instead of spending 12-15 hours– we’re talking about big books here, remember?– of my life on a story, I’d rather spend 3 hours on the same story, even if it’s a different medium. Hehe, it just got a bit controversial, but I just want to tell you all my reasons for being afraid of books like IT and Breaking Dawn and of reading series that have 5-7 books.

So, Ariel Bissett devised a plan to overcome this fear of reading books that are over 500 pages and created a hashtag. I guess I should do something too? I’m planning to read at least three books this year that I’m a bit afraid of…books that are over 450 pages. I do not want to tackle anything that’s a thousand pages long, because I’ll end up not finishing it right now. I only want to read these books in my favorite genres because I know I won’t be able to read them if I decided to read something that I’m not interested in or something that’s written in a language that’s a tad difficult to understand. I do not know which books these are gonna be. I just know that they’ll be interesting and something I expect to enjoy a little because I need to be able to get rid of my fear.

I guess that’s about it for now. I think I’m gonna talk about why I’m a bit afraid of starting series sometime soon and how I plan to start some series this year, but I’ll talk about it later.

34 thoughts on “#EndingBigBookFear – Why I’m Afraid Of Big Books And What I’m Gonna Do About It

    1. I totally get that. So many books to read and review for a blog and I’m always a bit apprehensive about reaching for the larger ones because I know it’ll throw my schedule off. Still read them though, I sometimes balance it out with picture book and short story reviews.

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  1. I can relate with your words .. I also avoid reading big books not coz they consume extra time only but sometimes if they aren’t much interesting it’s pretty frustrating to read them.. I always prefer books of max 500pgs if it’s more then I usually quit…

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    1. I so relate. I actually see the page count before purchasing a book nowadays because I feel like I’ll lose interest in it if it took me longer than 5-6 days to finish it. But it makes me feel a bit guilty too because I miss out on so many stories worth knowing.

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  2. Nikita have trued listening to the audiobook at the same time, makes it so much less scarier to read those big books. I do it all the time 😉


  3. That’s an interesting perspective!
    Most of my favourite books have 300-600 pages, and I actually like committing to this range of pages. At 1000+ pages I get the “big book fear” because I know it will take a loooot of time to finish it especially if I’m not on holiday.

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    1. I totally get it. I usually love books that are 300 pages or a little longer than that. But I’m always worried about a book that’s 600 pages or longer. Very scary lol.

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  4. I watched Ariel’s video recently too 🙂
    I don’t read lots and lots of “big books”, but every now and then I’ll read one. Personally, I love the challenge of slowly working through it – I don’t put any pressure on myself to read it too quickly, or read a certain amount of time. If it’s a particularly difficult or long book, I break it into tiny chunks and read a chapter or a half of one every now and then. The perseverance is worth it; always feels so rewarding when I finish them!

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    1. Ah, I really get it. It does feel rewarding after finishing them. I always keep checking the number of pages I have to read :(( but I’ll try to read the ones I’m actually interested in so that I do not feel this pressure.

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  5. Good luck!! I think the longest book I’ve read has been Les Mis, which is abt 1500 pgs long. I took a long time to read it, though. I didn’t make it the only book I was reading.

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    1. Thank you, Ali! 💓
      Ah, it’s a pretty big one. I do that too. I usually pick up some graphic novels or something when I read the ones I consider pretty big.

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  6. i mean, everybody are afraid of big books… oohh they are intimidating… but once when you are done with that…it is so good, right now I am reading a big collection of big books about ancient civilizations…. And I have one and half book still to read from that collection… and in one month…i will probably finish it… but i remember when i started it…i was thinking that I will probably give up somewhere in the process… I mean, whole collection has 10 books… I am now on 9th book… now it would be stupid to stop… but it really feels rewarding.. it really gives you a sense of accomplishment.

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    1. You’re right. They’re pretty intimidating! And OMG, that’s really amazing. I always chicken out at the thought of reading such big collections and I’m so glad you’re reading it and it’s rewarding. It does give you a sense of accomplishment to finish ones that look intimidating. I hope I am able to read some too. It would be great.

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    2. You’re right. They’re pretty intimidating! And OMG, that’s really amazing. I always chicken out at the thought of reading such big collections and I’m so glad you’re reading it and it’s rewarding. It does give you a sense of accomplishment to finish ones that look intimidating. I hope I am able to read some too. It would be great.

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  7. Great topic, and it made me think about my own reading history. Up until last year I was never scared of big books – it’s not like I read them all the time, but when I did pick one up, I liked how I could really sink myself into that universe for a long time.

    BUT. I’ve noticed that ever starting my blog, I’ve been more aware of how quickly I finish books. It’s like what you say above, I want the high turnover so I can review them! And if I’m not done with something in a week, I start getting bored and usually DNF. As much I love my blog, I don’t like feeling obligated to it, so this year I’ve vowed myself to go ahead and read that giant book if I want, even if it takes a month.

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    1. I’ve noticed that too. I used to read big books– not all the time, as you said, but I wasn’t really afraid of them. Now I worry before picking them up (and even before picking up a series). And I would love to read big books no matter how much time they take. I hope you’re able to pick up some amazing ones when you want to. Good luck with it. 💓


  8. Oooh, interesting post! Big books can definitely be intimidating (I love them personally, but they are very demanding 😅) especially things like IT – I read that for halloween last year and it was a monster of a read, very time consuming and demanding – I had to read books alongside it to kepep my blog going and I am quite a fast reader! I tend to only read big books in genres I love otherwise the put me in a slump! But I do love them 😂

    You have a good idea of trying to get over the fear though! I hope you enjoy your bigger books, it can be very daunting but you will definitely feel accomplished afterwards! Good luck with your plan it is a good idea to stick in your favourite genres for big books if you want to get into them more, I hope you find some amazing reads, big or small!! 💜💜💜 Great post!!

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    1. Ah, thank you, hun! 💓 I wish I’m able to get over this fear and read IT because I’ve been wanting to, for a long time. I’m also a very slow reader, so reading a pretty small book takes me quite some time if it’s not my favorite genre. Also, there are a million things that distract me lol (or maybe that’s the only reason for me being a slow reader) 😂

      I would love to read quite a few of them and I hope I do not get intimidated by the ones I’m planning to read this year. Thank you! I hope you find some amazing ones too! 💓💓

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      1. You’re welcome, hun!! 💜💜 IT is definitely an ambitious read, it took me a while, it is very good but very demanding! Distractions are the worst 😂 they like to ambush you while reading! Hehe, at least you get to savour the book though if you read it slowly 😊💜

        Good luck, I hope you get to read them!! You’re welcome and thank you!! 💜


  9. I wish I could empathize but I’ve never been “afraid” of big books, I view it as getting an extra big pizza 😉 Just more to love!

    However, I am glad you’ve got a plan of action. And that plan might make you realize that big books just aren’t for you. Just like I know that poetry isn’t for me, even if my life depended on it, hahhaaha. Good luck!

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    1. Ahh, I actually relate to this. When I was reading my favorite series I didn’t care about the size of the books. But now I’m always a bit hesitant picking up books that are 450 pages or more :((

      I hope I get to read some of them this year. I feel that I’m missing out when I’m not reading big books because there are so many of them I’d have picked up if I wasn’t worried about finishing them in a certain amount of time.

      Haha, I feel that about classics lol. Thank you! Have a wonderful day!


  10. Oh boy do I relate to this post! I’m not afraid, per se, of big books. More … intimidated. And it’s perfectly rational, obviously. I mean, what if I drop it and crush my toes?! Because let’s be honest, I *will* drop it at some point.

    Your reasons for not reading big books feel a lot like mine. I’ve been trying to give more books a chance lately (and mostly, I’m loving going out of my comfort zone), but big books feel like such an investment. And if I’m not loving it? Think of all the books I could’ve read in the time I finally finish the thing. I’ve also been burned on several big books I read with not particularly loving them and it feeling like a slog.

    I think your plan for tackling it sounds fabulous! Best of luck. 😀 My goal is to at least read two of the longer books I’ve been eyeing (probably one Brandon Sanderson of some sort and The Wanderers by Chuck Wendig, since I figure I’ll probably enjoy both of them).

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    1. Haha, this managed to put a smile on my face! 💓

      I also feel the same way about reading big books. Although I DNF books that I’m not enjoying, I still feel guilty if it’s a big book. And then I think about the books I could’ve finished if I had picked them up instead.

      Thank you. You too! I hope you enjoy them. I’m interested in reading Brandon Sanderson’s books because I haven’t read any yet.

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      1. Oooh, you need to do that. Sanderson’s books are FANTASTIC. I dragged my feet because I don’t tend to like a lot of high fantasy and they’re big. So I started with the Reckoning Series, which is urban fantasy (which I normally love) and they’re smaller, and I absolutely LOVED the series. Read the first and preordered the next two. xD Would definitely recommend either starting with that series or Warbreaker (since it’s a standalone).


  11. I read big books but usually between a lot of other lighter shorter reads. I hate reading a long book and feeling like I’m bogged down with it. I want to zip through and be on to the next. This is also why I don’t read a ton of epic fantasy (unless it’s YA because they tend to be quicker reads). But there are also big books that I did zip right through too! Hoping you’ll be able to get through one or two. 🙂

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    1. I feel you! I’m thinking about picking up one soon, maybe this month, because I have a lot of graphic novels to read this month, and I’m also feeling a bit motivated.

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  12. I used to get really tired reading longer books due to eye strain but now audiobooks make that much easier. But I still have books that are difficult to finish due to the complexity of subject matter. I’ve tried getting through “The House of Leaves” but haven’t finished due to the serpentine plot.

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    1. I totally get it! Eye-strains make reading big books difficult. Audiobooks are super helpful — I do not listen to them as much as I want to, though. I’ve heard about House of Leaves but I don’t know much about it– I’ll have to read about it. I hope you’re able to finish it soon and love it!

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